Queen of Sheba Mine

Morristown, AZ

May 30, 2010


From the Newsboy Mine we backtracked to the “main” road that had come from the gate. We turned left and followed this road 1.6 miles to a fork, where we beared right

And went another 1.3 miles. Just after crossing a small wash, we turned right and went up a small hill to the mine. 



The entrance to the mine was partially filled in and overgrown with vegetation. We didn’t try to enter it. There was a lot to collect on the surface.



After I got the material back home, I checked it with UV lights. Surprisingly, although this site was supposed to have a lot of fluorescent material, nothing I brought home fluoresced. There were some interesting micros, though. I collected chrysocolla (massive), malachite, hematite (both specular and in thin tabular crystals), quartz, aurichalcite and cuprite (red cubes).


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