Montezuma Mine

Morristown, AZ

May 30, 2010


On May 30 I met Phil Smith at his home in Goodyear, AZ. From there we took off in his truck, since I was driving a rental car (rental car companies, for some reason, frown on taking their vehicles off-road).

We drove up the 303 loop from I-10 to US 60, then took US 60 northwest to Morristown. In Morristown we turned left onto Gates Rd. After 2.3 miles, we came to the Hassayampa River, which is dry most of the year. We crossed it with some difficulty, since it is wide and sandy, and the sand was loose. It had probably been churned up by ATVs. On the other side of the river bed we went uphill on a dirt road and passed through a gate. We continued up to a hill on our right. The Montezuma Mine was at the peak of that hill. The GPS coordinates are 33 degrees 51.170í N, -112 degrees 40.206í W.

I didnít take a picture at this locality, since there wasnít much to see. There was no adit or shaft, just some rock strewn about. In the picture below, the Montezuma Mine is at the top of the hill. This was taken from the next locality, the Newsboy Mine.



We collected some of this rock, in particular looking for seams of calcite, which is supposed to fluoresce.

After I got the material home, I checked it with the UV lights and found calcite that fluoresced red, fluorite that fluoresced green, what I think is anglesite that fluoresced yellow, and some traces of light blue fluorescence that might be due to scheelite.


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