Big Spar Mine

Wickenburg, AZ

May 30, 2010


Although the Big Spar Mine is listed with the previous 3 localities under “Morristown” in Neil Bearce’s second book, it much easier to get to it via Wickenburg.

On leaving the Queen of Sheba Mine, we retraced our steps to US 60 in Morristown. We turned left on US 60 and drove to Wickenburg. Just past Wickenburg we turned left (South) on Vulture Mine Road. After 3.4 miles, we turned left onto Vulture Peak Road. After 2.25 miles on this road, we turned left, then left again in 100 yards. There’s an old water tower that has been used for target practice. The collecting area is on the slope just above the tower. GPS coordinates are 33 degrees 53.765’N, -112 degrees 47.724’W.



There was also a small excavation that looked like a crevice in the rock. This may have been a gold mining claim, although it wasn’t clearly marked as such.



This was the only marker I saw. We still didn’t enter it.



Here we finally found some fluorescent material. The “black” calcite fluoresces a deep red, and calcite crystals fluoresce blue. There’s barite that fluoresces bright yellow, and fluorite that fluoresces a greenish blue.


When we finished here, we decided to call it a day. We headed back to US 60, and on to Phil’s house in Goodyear. After agreeing to meet again the next day, we transferred my stuff to my rental car, and I went back to my daughter’s house in Mesa.


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