Mohawk, Keweenaw Co., MI

August 7, 2006



We left Marquette on Sunday morning, August 6, and drove to Lake Linden, MI. We set up camp in the municipal campground there. Itís a beautiful setting on the shore of Torch Lake.

Sunday evening I went to Michigan Tech University to check in for the Copper Country Mineral Retreat and to hear a presentation by Dr. George Robinson on the minerals of Canada.

Monday morning, August 7, was the first of the field trips organized by the Copper Country Mineral Retreat. For all of these trips, a map is provided, and signs also point the way to the site. Each dump has been bulldozed a day or so in advance, providing access to fresh material. There are also guides present to check attendance, tell the participants what to look for, and identify finds.

The Seneca mine is easy to find. Turn west off US 41 onto First Street in Mohawk. Go 0.3 miles to a red gate on the left. This leads right into the mine dump. The coordinates, by my GPS, are 47 deg. 18.898í N, -88 deg. 21.870í W. This is for the dummp. The coordinates given in MAS/MILS are quite different, and probably refer to the mine entrance itself. The site is called Seneca #1, but material from the Seneca #2 and #3 mines were also dumped here. This is why Iíve called it simply ďSenecaĒ.

I had visited this locality previously, in 2003. At that time I got a lot of good material, including epidote, quartz, adularia, pumpellyite-Mg and copper. I havenít done much with what I collected this time yet, but it looks very promising.


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