Mass City, Ontonagon Co., MI

August 10, 2006.



The portal of the Nebraska Mine



The Nebraska Mine dump


Thursday morning’s trip took me south of Houghton. The Nebraska Mine is just past the Caledonia Mine on Caledonia Road, then up a step road to the left. It is actually connected to the Caledonia underground. While collecting on the Nebraska dump we observed a group of people exiting the Nebraska portal. The were coming off an underground tour of the Caledonia.

From Houghton, follow M-26 south past the second intersection with M-38. Turn left (south) on 4th Street. When 4th turns left, continue straight onto Caledonia Road. The coordinates are 46 deg. 44.901’N, -89 deg. 07.245’W.

As one would expect, the minerals found here are the same as those from the Caledonia.


This property is owned by Rich Whiteman, so permission to collect (on a fee basis) would have to be obtained from Red Metal Mining in Ontonagon, MI.

On the way back to the trailer I decided to try to find the Baltic Smelter, since I had no scheduled field trip for the afternoon. I turned off M-26 in Houghton shortly before the bridge on Houghton Canal Road. I followed this along the canal to the west, then turned left on the road to Freda. When I got to Freda, I could see the smokestack of the smelter, but couldn’t find a way down to it. The road ended at the top of a cliff. I could see the old smelter down below on th lakeshore, but couldn’t find a way to get down. There must be a road, since I saw a vehicle down there. Here’s another project for the next trip to the U.P.


On Thursday evening we drove up to Copper Harbor to have dinner at an excellent German restaurant on the lake, the Harbor House. They have a huge piece on float copper in front of the restaurant.



Along US 41 on the way to Copper Harbor there’s a pole showing the amount of snow they get each winter.



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