Osceola, Houghton Co., MI

August 8, 2006.



The Laurium Mine dump


On Tuesday afternoon I drove from the Baltic to the Laurium Mine. This is another mine dump with easy access and easy collecting. You turn east off US 41 just south of Osceola onto Tower Rd. This is just north of the State Police Station. The dump is just a few tenths of a mile in, on the right. The coordinates are 47 deg. 13.122íN, -88 deg. 27.583íW.

When I arrived at this locality, it looked familiar. As it turned out, I had been here before, in 2003. I was given directions to it, and went on my own. I had been told, however, that it was the LaSalle Mine. It appears that the LaSalle Mine is on the same road, probably a bit further in.

This mine is especially rich in good micro epidote and quartz. There is also copper, of course. Iíll be able to add more to this report after Iíve broken down the material I collected, sometime during the winter.


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