Mohawk, Keweenaw Co., MI

August 9, 2006.



This is another locality that I visited in 2003. The road into the mine dump turns off to the east from Cliff Drive, about 2.1 miles north of the intersection with US 41. The road is easy to miss, and fairly rough going in. Its certainly worth the trip, though. The coordinates for the dump are 47 deg. 19.416N, -88 deg. 21.421W.

Most of the copper found here is dispersed in prehnite, and some is crystallized. The prehnite is both green and pink. There is also pumpellyite-Mg, epidote, adularia and quartz.


That evening I went to a swap meet held at the Quincy #6 Mine. This is held outdoors around the mine hoist, which is located on US 41, a few miles north of Hancock. The hoist has been restored, and visitors can ride down it into the mine. Other buildings are being restored, with the intention of moving the Seaman Museum into them sometime in the future.



The Quincy #6 Shafthouse



Some of the buildings of the Quincy Mine.


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