Copper Harbor, Keweenaw Co., MI

August 9, 2006


On Wednesday morning I had no scheduled field trip, so I went to the Clark Mine, just south of Copper Harbor. I turned south off US 41 in Copper Harbor onto Second St. This leads to the Lake Fannie Hooe Campground. After passing the campground, I continued another 1.1 miles. I then turned left on Road 134, Clark Mine Rd. After another 1.3 miles I came to a sign for the mine. I turned left into the mine dump. The GPS reading I took at the top of the dump was 47 deg. 26.624íN, -87 deg. 51.616íW.



To my right I could see the smokestack of the mine powerhouse.



The dump itself extends below the area where I collected, with the drop-off at the back of the picture below.



This locality is noted for copper crystals in and on prehnite. I collected a lot of prehnite that appeared to have vugs and fissures. There are also many other minerals reported from this locality. I have a lot of breaking up of rock to keep me busy this winter.

The mine road continues past the top of the dump where I collected. It may give access to the bottom of the dump, but the area looked swampy to me. It may also continue to the Manganese Mine, which is the type locality for macfallite. I didnít have time to look for it on this trip because I had to get back to the Calumet area for the afternoon field trip to the Iroquois Mine. Perhaps on my next trip to the U.P. I can try it.


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