Centennial, Houghton Co., MI

August 7, 2006.



One of the surface buildings of the mine



The dump


After leaving the Seneca mine, I drove to the Centennial, parked and ate lunch while waiting for collecting to start. On these trips, no one is allowed to start collecting before the appointed time, so that everyone has an equal chance.

This is another mine that is easy to get to. From US 41 in Centennial, you turn east on Amygdaloid St. and go 0.3 miles on a paved road. The old mine buildings are on your left, and the dump on your right. The GPS reading I took from the road between the buildings and the dump was 47 deg. 15.343N, -88 deg. 25.383W.

The dump is fairly extensive and flat- no high piles of tailings to climb! This is the sort of collecting I prefer. As I grow older, I feel less comfortable climbing those high piles.

In addition to the usual copper, epidote, pumpellyite-Mg, adularia, quartz, etc., this mine is noted for some rarer species: calumetite, atacamite, paratacamite and buttgenbachite. I hope some of these turn up as I break down the material I collected. Harry Critchley, the collector from England that I mentioned earlier, reported having collected some calumetite here two years ago.


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