South Range, Houghton Co., MI

August 8, 2006.



The Baltic #3 dump


This dump is easy to get to, if you know where you are going, and there is no road construction going on. As it was, I had a few problems. The directions given said to turn left off M-26 at the blinker light in South Range. Unfortunately, there was no blinker light in South Range. It had been removed during a road construction project. The turn is east on Trimountain Road. You then go 1 block, turn right, and follow that road to 12th St., where you turn right again. On that day 12th St. was being repaved, making it difficult, but not impossible, to get through. You take 12th St. 0.8 miles to a Y. Take the right fork onto gravel, and continue to the mine dump. The GPS coordinates are 47 deg. 03.760íN, -88 deg. 38.184W.

This dump requires a bit more climbing than the Centennial, as can be seen from the picture above.

There is quite a bit of copper to be found here, but not much of the accessory minerals, as far as I can tell. Maybe when I start breaking and leaching the material Iíll find something.

I was also interested in finding the Baltic smelter, since I had obtained some beautiful wire copper from there a few years ago. According to one of the guides, the smelter wasnít located near the mine, but was at Freda, on the lake south of the Houghton canal.


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