Seneca Mine

Mohawk, Keweenaw Co., MI

August 8, 2003



Seneca Mine Dump


On Friday morning the trip was to the Seneca Mine dump. As I understand it, this dump was used by the Seneca #2 and Seneca #3 Mines. The dump is easy to get to. From US 41, go west on First St. in Mohawk for 0.3 miles to a red gate on the left. I don’t know if this dump is always open for collecting. The gate would seem to suggest not. In any case, for the record, the GPS coordinates of the dump are Lat. 47 deg. 18.703’, Lon. –88 deg. 21.844’.

The piles here are not very steep, so collecting is easy. I found a lot of epidote, both lining vugs and as individual crystals perched on red microcline crystals. There were also nice clear quartz crystals and sprays of pumpellyite-(Mg). I also got a couple of specimens of saponite in white crystalline balls, and a few copper crystals. There was also a fair amount of massive copper.


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