Osceola, Houghton Co., MI

August 7, 2003



The LaSalle Mine Dump


At this point, I deviated from my planned schedule. I had signed up for the Minnesota Mine for Thursday afternoon, but instead went to the LaSalle Mine on my own. I was more interested in the LaSalle, and by doing it this way we could leave for home early on Saturday and make it home in one day. There arenít many campgrounds on the route we would take, and getting a site on a Saturday night could be a problem.


The LaSalle dump is easy to get to, and easy collecting. As you can see from the picture above, itís nearly flat. The dump is reached by a dirt road (sign says Tower Rd.) that goes off US 41 to the west about 2 miles south of the traffic light in Calumet. The road goes off between a church and a State Police Barracks. The GPS coordinates are Lat. 47 deg. 13.121í, Lon. Ė88 deg. 27.688í.


The sheet provided by Keweenaw Week lists copper, silver, agates, calcite, datolite, feldspar, kinoite, prehnite, pumpellyite and quartz. I only found epidote, quartz and pumpellyite (and a couple of little flakes of copper). The epidote and quartz, however, are the best Iíve seen from the area.


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