Central, Keweenaw Co., MI

August 6, 2003


The base of the Central Mine dump


View from the top of the Central Mine dump


The Central Mine is one of the better-known and more accessible mines in the copper country. Despite this, there is still good material to be found, because the dump is huge! It’s located on US 41, 18.3 miles north of the stoplight in Calumet, on the left side of the road. GPS coordinates are lat. 47 deg. 24.353’, lon. –88 deg. 11.777’.

On this trip I collected nice copper crystals, epidote, microcline, var. adularia, prehnite, both in the typical light green radial groups and as pale pink discrete crystals, quartz crystals, pumpellyite, and chalcocite. All were micros. The last time I was here, 20 years ago, I got some analcime; but I saw none on this trip. Datolite, hematite, sericite, silver, stilbite, thomsonite and natrolite have also been reported from this locality.


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