On June 1, 2002 Don, Patrick and I headed for the Wickenburg area. We first stopped at the geode locality described by Bearce in his book. This is an easy drive on a good road to the spot in the bottom of the picture. From there itís a rough climb to the top of the hill, where the geodes are found. The geodes, which are small, are embedded in the rock, and are lined with Quartz crystals. I havenít seen anything but Quartz in them.



After climbing back down from the geode locality, we drove further on Constellation Road, looking for the Vanadinite mine at Amazon Gulch. We didnít make it to the mine because I chickened out. The road kept getting worse, winding around on the edge of the mountain, and getting narrower all the time. When it got down to the width of the van, I decided Iíd had enough! After we found a place to turn around, we noticed the small prospect in the picture above. I donít know the name of it, or even if it has a name. We picked up a few specimens to be examined more closely at a later date.



From that unnamed prospect we could see another mine down in the gulch. This may be the Vanadinite mine we couldnít get to.


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