Michigamme, Marquette Co., MI



The Michigamme Mine is located on the North side of US 41, just a few yards East of the Mt. Shasta restaurant. The trip was organized by the Ishpeming Rock & Mineral Club, in conjunction with their annual show. We met in the K-Mart parking lot in Marquette at 9 AM on August 3, and drove to the Mt. Shasta restaurant, where we had permission to park. Walking back East along US 41, we then went up a short trail to the mine dump. The shaft itself is closed, and the area around it fenced off due to the danger of caving ground. The main item to be collected here was Chlorite pseudomorphs after Almandine. Collecting was easy, except for the heat. Before noon it had reached 90 degrees F, unusual for this area!



Champion, Marquette Co., MI



After lunch at Mt. Shasta, we proceeded East on US 41 to the town of Champion, where we turned South on Rd. AAJ, then took a left on Rd. AT. The access road to the dump was then on the left. The extensive dumps are easily accessible, and contain primarily specular Hematite. Itís almost blinding on a bright day such as this was! There are about 40 other minerals known from this mine, but Iím not sure how many, if any, I got until I start working through the material I brought back.



Negaunee, Marquette Co., MI

The Lindberg Quarry is the source of the famous ďKona DolomiteĒ, a beautiful rose-colored marble. The Ishpeming club was able to arrange for us to collect there on Sunday afternoon, August 5. We met at the Negaunee Township Hall, site of the show on the previous day, at 12:30, and proceeded to the quarry in convoy. This is a working quarry, andaccess is only granted once or twice a year to clubs. It didnít take long to collect as much as we could carry, so we left after an hour or so to head for the Keweenaw peninsula.



Central, Keweenaw Co., MI



These next 3 trips were part of Keweenaw Week 2001, sponsored by the Copper Country Rock & Mineral Club. There were a lot more activities for the week, but we couldnít stay for the rest, due to family obligations back home.

The Central Exploration is off of US 41 18.8 mile North of Calumet. You turn right on a gravel road and keep bearing right for 0.9 miles. Copper, Silver, Chlorastrolite, Datolite, Prehnite & Epidote are found there. All Iím sure of is Copper so far. It may be Winter before I get to examine the material in detail.



Delaware, Keweenaw Co., MI




After visiting the Central Exploration on the morning of August 6, we went on to the Connecticut Mine that afternoon. It is located just South of the Delaware Mine. You turn left off US 41 at the sign for the Delaware Mine, and continue left about 0.4 miles past. The rock pile is on the right. Copper, Calcite, Datolite, Epidote and Chlorastrolite are reported from here. Again, Iím not sure what I got- whatever I could find in the shade! It was well over 100 degrees F by then.



Greenland, Houghton Co., MI



The August 7 trip was to the Caledonia mine, which is still being operated for specimens. Both above ground and underground collecting was offered. I had signed up for above-ground, and regretted it. It was 95 degrees on the dump, and 43 degrees in the mine.

The Caledonia is about 35 miles South of Houghton off of US 26. 2.6 miles past the junction with US 38, turn left on Ridge Rd. (First St.) , Greenland. After 1 mile you go straight on Caledonia Rd. The mine is 1.7 miles further on a very hilly gravel road. The minerals found here are Copper, Silver, Adularia, Calcite, Datolite, Epidote and Quartz. I saw some very nice Copper and Datolite found that day. I got some nice Copper, Epidote and Calcite. What else remains to be seen.

From here,it was time to head back to Hancock, close up the trailer, and head home to Indiana.


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