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"You have a friend in low places!"

Specimens are unmounted and only roughly trimmed. Size is such that you will get AT LEAST one good mount from it. Material is listed by the major species present. There may be other species on the piece.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you arenít happy, you may return any item for credit, replacement, or refund. Weíd prefer credit or replacement, but the choice is yours. We only ask that any returns be in the same condition as received, wrapped, and with label. If you question the identification of any specimen, please let us know- weíre not experts on all species/localities, and are still learning.

If you don't find what you are looking for, try MineralFind at It indexes the lists of many dealers.

ORDERING- Please list name, locality and (most important) item number. Please also give us a list of alternates, in case some items are out of stock. Send your order by E-mail, with payment to follow, in order to be sure we arenít out of the items you want. Prices are in US Dollars. Payment may be made by check or draft on a US bank,International Money Order,US currency or by credit card through Paypal. PayPal payments should be directed to .If you arenít already signed up with Paypal, you can get more information here:PAYPAL

US customers please add $3.50 per order for shipping and handling. Canadian customers please add $8.00. All others add $ 13.50. Indiana residents must also add 7% sales tax.

Please let us know if you have any special interests or needs, so that we can watch for them for you, and check our stock. We have a lot of material that hasnít been packaged and added to the price list yet. We also appreciate ANY feedback, positive or negative.



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