FEBRUARY 25 & 26, 2005

Dowling Park, Florida


On the way home from our usual Florida vacation this year I was able to attend this meeting. It’s in a great location in Northern Florida, the Advent Christian Village, in Dowling Park, not far from Lake City. The exact location is the Suwannee Conference Center, which is right on the bank of the Suwannee River. Rooms are available right down the hall from the conference room, and there’s a restaurant right downstairs.

There were about 20 participants in this gathering, and I do mean participants. There were no silent spectators- everyone took part. Presentations were given by Bill Lechner on Aris, Namibia and Mont St. Hilaire; Joe Horton, Jr. on digital photomicrography; Julian Gray on the history of micromounting; Jason Smith “Around the World in 80 Micromounts”; Henry Barwood on Magnet Cove, AR; and myself on the airtight micromount.

There were plenty of “freebies”.

There’s a report on this year’s meeting and a notice of next year’s on the conference website, maintained by Earl English.



View from the balcony outside the conference room and guest rooms.




A few scenes from the conference itself.


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