These are items added to the list in the last month or so. They are listed in numerical (chronological)
order, rather than alphabetically. Last updated: Nov. 8, 2017
No. Species Locality Location  Price Description
4162 Mimetite Mina Ojuela Mapimi, Dur., Mexioco  $    1.00 Colorless sheafs
4165 Calcite Coal Mine Oskaloosa, Mahaska Co., IA  $    1.00 White scalenohedrons on amber rhombs
4166 Calcite Amherstburg Quarry Amherstburg, ON, Canada  $    0.50 Rounded crystals
4167 Conichalcite Blue Light Mine Mina, Mineral Co., NV  $    2.00 Green balls
4171 Hematite Summit Rock Diamond Lake Jct., Klamath Co., OR  $    1.00 Red coating on enstatite
4172 Cordierite   Espirito Santo, MG, Brazil  $    2.00 Gray transparent
4173 Almandine Green's Farm Roxbury Falls, Litchfield Co., CT  $    2.00 Rough dodecahedron- large for a micro
4174 Grossular Sierra de la Cruz Mojada, Coahuila, Mexico  $    2.00 Opaque yellow-green dodecahedron. Large for a micro
4175 Ankerite Empire Zing Mine Gilman, Eagle Co., CO  $    1.00 Tan rhombs
4176 Elbaite Himalaya Mine Mesa Grande, San Diego Co., CA  $    1.00 Various colors- no matrix
4177 Anorthite Nain Complex Nain, NL, Canada  $    1.00 Gray translucent. Var. labradorite
4178 Hydroxylherderite Waisanen Quarry Greenwood, Oxford Co., ME  $    4.00 Tan crystals
4179 Barite Pint's Quarry Raymond, Black Hawk Co., IA  $    1.50 White tabular crystals in parallel growth
4180 Smithsonite Tsumeb Mine Tsumeb, Namibia  $    2.00 Pale greenish crystal crust
4183 Kermesite   Grants Pass, Josephine Co., OR  $    2.50 Red needles
M-1116 Hilairite Poudrette Quarry Mont St. Hilaire, QC, Canada  $    8.00 Tan crystals- TYPE LOCALITY
ML-1873 Aurichalcite Silver Hill Mine Marana, Pima Co., AZ  $    2.00 Greenish-blue blades
ML-1874 Smithsonite Silver Hill Mine Marana, Pima Co., AZ  $    2.00 Colorless
M-1879 Duftite Mt. Bonnie Mine Grove Hill, NT, Australia  $    4.00 Green
M-1881 Chlorargyrite Broken Hill Mine Broken Hill, NSW, Australia  $    4.00 Yellowish crystals
M-1886 Barite Pugh Quarry Custar, Wood Co., OH  $    2.00 White rosettes
M-1888 Pyrophyllite Champion Mine White Mtns., Mono Co., CA  $    3.00 Tan radial groups
M-1891 Natrolite   Cheshire, New Haven Co., CT  $    2.00 Clear elongated prisms
M-1892 Goethite Rabbit Lake Mine Cuyuna, Crow Wing Co., MN  $    2.00 Transparent brown blades
M-1893 Elbaite Harvard Quarry Greenwood, Oxford Co., ME  $    3.00 Green Prism