These are items added to the list in the last month or so. They are listed in numerical (chronological)
order, rather than alphabetically. Last updated: Feb. 7, 2018
No. Species Locality Location  Price Description
926 Howlite Tick Canyon Lang, Los Angeles Co., CA  $    1.00 White porcelainous mass
1356 Graphite Jensen Quarry Riverside, Riverside Co., CA  $    0.25 Thin hexagonal plates
1378 Acanthite Bulldog Mtn Mine Creede, Mineral Co., CO  $    2.00 Black acicular crystals
1514 Dickite National Belle Mine Guston, Ouray Co., CO  $    0.25 White- TYPE LOCALITY
3233 Hydromagnesite Crestmore Quarry Riverside, Riverside Co., CA  $    2.00 White silky radial
4204 Pyrite Pint's Quarry Raymond, Black Hawk Co., IA  $    1.00 Various forms
4205 Calcite Gray's Quarry Hamilton, Hancock Co., IL  $    1.00 Colorless crystal on quartz
4207 Malachite Copper Queen Mine Bisbee, Cochise Co., AZ  $    1.00 Green sprays
4208 Arsenopyrite Ackerman Gold Mine Marmora Twp, ON, Canada  $    1.00 Silvery metallic crystals
4209 Fluorite   Cave-in-Rock, Hardin Co., IL  $    1.00 Crust of purple cubes
4211 Mackayite Candelaria Mine Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico  $    2.00 Red-brown crust
4212 Phillipsite Maykranz Quarry Langd, Hesse, Germany  $    1.00 Clear crystals
4213 Babingtonite Rt 28/128 Roadcut Reading, Middlesex Co., MA  $    1.00 Black crystals
4214 Barite Cheyenne River Fall River Co., SD  $    1.00 Tan crystals
4215 Chenevixite Patagonia Mtns Santa Cruz Co., AZ  $    2.00 Green- collected by Art Roe
4216 Epidote Clarke Head Parrsboro, NS, Canada  $    1.00 Yellow elongated prisms
4217 Calcite Clarke Head Parrsboro, NS, Canada  $    1.00 Slightly pinkish crystals
4218 Fluorite Marie Mine Pryor Mtns, Carbon Co., MT  $    1.00 Crude violet cubes
4219 Rosasite San Rafael Mine Lodi, Nye Co., NV  $    1.50 Dark green balls
4220 Boleite Mantos Blancos Mine Antofagasta, Chile  $    3.00 Blue grains, no crystal faces
4222 Azurite Sherman Tunnel Leadville, Lake Co., CO  $    1.00 Crust of blue crystals
4224 Thaumasite Crestmore Quarry Riverside, Riverside Co., CA  $    2.00 White compact fibrous
4229 Mesolite Cape D'Or Advocate Harbour, NS, Canada  $    2.00 White sub-radial
4230 Malachite   Courtland, Cochise Co., AZ  $    2.00 Pseudomorph after azurite
4231 Fluorite Heavy Media Mill Cave-in-Rock, Hardin Co., IL  $    1.00 Violet cubes
4232 Psilomelane   Luis Lopez, Socorro Co., NM  $    1.00 Black needles
ML-1949 Calcite Copper Falls Mine Eagle Harbor, Keweenaw Co., MI  $    2.00 Translucent crystals
ML-1950 Calcite Stoneco Quarry Lime City, Wood Co., OH  $    1.00 Translucent crystals
ML-1951 Elbaite   Pala, San Diego Co., CA  $    2.00 Pink- var. rubellite
ML-1953 Rhodochrosite   Pachapaqui, Peru  $    1.00 Pale pink
ML-1954 Hemimorphite NJ Zinc Mine Friedensville, Lehigh Co., PA  $    2.00 Clear blades
ML-1958 Fluorapatite Summit Rock Diamond Lake Jct, Klamath Co., OR  $    2.00 Colorless acicular crystals
ML-1959 Calcite Faylor-Middlecreek Quarry Winfield, Union Co., PA  $    2.00 Clear complex crystal
M-1961 Marcasite LaFarge Quarry Dundas, ON, Canada  $    2.00 Cockscomb crystals
M-1963 Molybdenite Poudrette Quarry Mont St. Hilaire, QC, Canada  $    4.00 Black
ML-1964 Fluorapatite Poudrette Quarry Mont St. Hilaire, QC, Canada  $    5.00 Colorless elongated prism
ML-1965 Annite Poudrette Quarry Mont St. Hilaire, QC, Canada  $    6.00 Black mica
M-1969 Quartz Borrow Pit US 61, St. Patrick, Lewis Co., MO  $    1.00 From geode
M-1977 Chalcedony Manakarra Beach Mamuju, W. Sulalesi, Indonesia  $    3.00 "grape agate"- purple spheres
M-1979 Stringhamite Bawana Mine Milford, Beaver Co., UT  $    4.00 Blue sub-radial
M-1980 Lorenzenite DeMix Quarry Varennes, QC, Canada  $    7.00 Colorless needles