Eagle River, Keweenaw Co., MI

August 4, 2003



The dirt road leading to the Humboldt Mine



The Humboldt dump.


This was the first of the Keweenaw Week field trips that I attended.

The Humboldt Mine is one of the more obscure of the copper mines in the region. It isnít even listed in MAS/MILS. From what I was told, it was only operated for about a year, some time in the 19th century. As a result, the dump is quite small.

The dump is located at lat. 47 deg. 24.993í lon. Ė88 deg. 14.374í. It is reached from US 41 by going north on Eagle Harbor Rd. for 0.8 miles, turning left on to Garden City Rd., and going 0.5 miles to a dirt road on the right. The dump is about 0.1 mile in, and to the left of the road.

There wasnít very much copper to be found, and what there was was encapsulated in Quartz rather than Calcite. Perhaps thatís why the mine was only operated for a year: not much Copper! I did put a few Copper in Qurtz specimens on the price list. The Copper is distorted a bit when viewed through the Quartz. It does keep the Copper bright, though! I did get some nice Pumpellyite, both matted fibers and spherulitic groups.

The pictures from this locality are courtesy of Dan Behnke. I still didnít have a working camera at this time.


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