Desautels Memorial Micromount Symposium

Baltimore Mineral Society

Elkridge, MD

October 12-14, 2007


This was the 51st annual session of one of the premier micromount symposiums in the US. I particularly wanted to attend this year because my friend Dan Behnke was being inducted into the Micromounters Hall of Fame. As it turned out, the Hall of Fame induction was only a part of the attraction.

The site for the symposium, the Maryland Hospital Association Conference Center seems almost to have been designed with micromounters in mind. The conference room has tables for 50 or more microscopes (and all were used), and a digital projection system for presentations.



Friday evening we set up, enjoyed a cold buffet supper and wine and cheese, and had some informal presentations of slides, including a presentation by Dan Behnke on the gold mines of Marquette County, Michigan.

We also got an early jump on the “freebie” tables. These are always a highlight of any micromount symposium. I had contributed six egg cartons and two trays of material, and none of it was left! Of course, I took home even more than I had brought.

On Saturday there was a silent auction in the morning



followed by a lunch buffet. After lunch was a live auction, conducted by Al Pribula.



and then the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, conducted by Quintin Wight. The next picture shows Dan Behnke receiving his plaque from Quintin Wight.



All the Hall of Fame members present also posed for a group shot.



Each of the inductees, Dan Behnke, Andre Foucart and Robert Pecorini, then gave a presentation.

At 5:30 we broke for dinner. A group of 30 went to Gunning’s, an excellent seafood restaurant about a mile away.

After dinner Dan Behnke gave his presentation on “The Mines and Microminerals of the Iron Country Including Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan”.

On Sunday morning we saw a presentation by Jason Smith on a micromineral occurrence at Girard, Georgia. Trading, buying, selling and conversations continued until we broke for lunch. Here’s a shot of two new Hall of Fame members with a probable future member: From left to right, Jason Smith, Dan Behnke and Robert Pecorini.



Shortly after lunch we all started to pack up and head home.